About Us

CodeCrux Web Technologies(p) Ltd. located at T-Hub, Hyderabad, India is a worldwide provider of a full fledged spectrum of Creative Design, Web and Mobile app Development and API Services. We have successfully delivered many projects for clients across the globe - USA, UK, Australia, Germany, India etc.

Our Technology Stack

Ruby, Ruby on rails, Python, AngularJS, BackboneJS, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, SCSS, Postgres, MongoDB, MySql, Redis, Heroku, Amazon Web Services, Mobile Development Native as well as hybrid using Ionic & React Native and many more.

Intrepid Entrepreneurs

We established CodeCrux to make IT development quick and affordable. We provide a comfortable and flexible business environment.

Knowledge and Skill

We're passionate about algorithms, patterns and agile leadership. We apply concepts that matter the most to your business.

Formidable Industry Experience

Hospitality, healthcare, real estate, social media, e-commerce and banking are a few of the verticals we have worked for.

Meet Our Core Team

We meet and get to know our clients. You tell us and we listen.

Shyam Mohan K

Shyam Mohan K Linkedin

Co Founder & CEO

UPTU, Lucknow Alumni

Dinesh Yadav

Dinesh Yadav Linkedin

Co Founder & CTO

IIIT, Hyderabad Alumni

Vinay Kumar

Vinay Kumar Linkedin

Co Founder & Partner

IIIT, Hyderabad Alumni

Deepak Vig

Deepak Vig Linkedin

Co Founder & Director

IIIT, Hyderabad Alumni

Mike Raghavan

Mike Raghavan Linkedin

Partner (Sales & Marketing)

IIT-M, UC Berkeley Alumni

Vipul Vikram

Vipul Vikram Linkedin

Senior Consultant

IIT, Bombay Alumni

Meet 25 + Team Members


What we do?

We do more than just development, we help build your business.

Full-stack Development

  • 1. User Interface (UI) Design
  • 2. Client-Side Logic
  • 3. API Development
  • 4. AI/ML Model Deployment
  • 5. Integration of AI/ML Models
  • 6. Data Management

AI/ML and Data Engineering

  • 1. Data Collection and Storage
  • 2. Data Preprocessing and Feature Engineering
  • 3. Model Training and Evaluation
  • 4. Model Deployment and Productionization
  • 5. Data Governance and Compliance

DevOps automation and MLOps

  • 1. DevOps Automation with CI/CD
  • 2. Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
  • 3. Configuration Management
  • 4. Model Training Automation
  • 5. Model Deployment Automation
  • 6. Model Monitoring and Management

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Our services include

  • Web & Mobile App Design and Development
  • E-commerce Application Development
  • Healthcare Application development
  • Real Estate Application development
  • REST API Development
  • IT Infrastructure management & devOps , Backend server side programming and Cloud Services(like Amazon, Heroku, IBM, Google, Microsoft Azure etc.) setup

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