Mobile App Development

Our Process


The design and development teams at CodeCrux tries to first understand your vision for the app and your business objectives. And once we have thoroughly understood your vision, we combine our proficiency, knowledge in Android with your vision and objectives to develop an initial concept for the app.

Features & Architecture

Once the initial concept for the app is developed,
the next step is to find out the suitable features that need to be added to build an app
architecture that would efficiently integrate with the all the other features. The awesome team of
developers at CodeCrux sorts out the kinks, so that a smooth framework can be created.


When it comes to design, our designers strongly
believe that “Design is King”. A remarkable and captivating design is created for your app by our
talented design and development team. All this is done, without negotiating or compromising
with the integrity and performance of the architecture.


Development of the Android app is performed in
bits as per the features added to the app. And here’s where you get the advantage of a flexible
environment at CodeCrux, providing you with space and control to review the development
process and also considering the required changes that you really want in the app.

QA & Deployment

For us at CodeCrux, quality matters the most, and
that’s why the quality assurance team takes the maximum effort and care to test each and every
bit after the development is over. And then for the Beta Version, once again the team looks at it
when all the features and functionalities have been integrated into the app. Once we are
assured of things to be smooth, we deploy/launch the app in the App store or can also guide
you through with everything so that you can do it yourself.


From the date of launch, all your support and
maintenance requirements are covered by us for free of cost, for a period of 3 months. After the
mentioned period, you have the choice to buy one of our maintenance packages, covering all
that you need, from bug fixes to updates to newer versions.

Let’s get started!

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