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In the recent years, Microservices has grown in popularity as a distinctive method of developing software systems. For many developers out there, it is a preferred way of creating enterprise applications.

Across industries - from manufacturing and retail to telecommunications - microservices has been the choice of IT teams to develop new applications and break down monolith software. Every microservice has the capability to be deployed, upgraded and restarted without being dependent on other services in the application. When it is managed by an automated system, live applications can be updated by the team regularly without negatively impacting users.

Why Microservices?

Companies are fast embracing microservices due to its less complexity of application, easier manageability, independent deployment and maintenance. It is reliable, scalable and resilient.

Microservices apps are designed to limit service interruptions because every component of it is independent and separate from others. The entire application cannot be brought down by a single failure and can also be locally resolved.

As microservices are very much independent of other application components, each of micro service can be monitored and managed individually. These services communicate through a well-defined interface by using APIs which are lightweight in nature. As they are independently run, each service could be updated and deployed to meet the specific functions of an application.

In the highly competitive market, with customer satisfaction of prime importance, there is a need to change parts of systems and also in a reliable way. Microservice architecture is helpful in providing the reliability as it divides the systems into many parts. Microservice also has an advantage of changing from one technology stack to another for gaining the competitive edge.

Characteristics of Microservices


Every service is designed in such a manner for a set of capabilities and concentrates on solving a specific problem. Microservices are generally the smallest codes.


In a particular microservices architecture, each component service can be developed and deployed without having an affect on the functioning of other services. There is no need for the services to be dependent on other services. It is through well defined APIs that the communication between individual components happens.

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