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CodeCrux team have 5 + years of experience developing custom CRM softwares for consultancy business, We built software to manage and deliver new opportunities faster.


Delivered 10+ projects in same domain to automate consultancy business. We have digitally transformed business to grow online.

Use cases


Better client relations for advertising and media agencies.


Manage clients and deals from one central place.

Real Estate

Real estate professionals manage more listings with CRM.

1. What is real estate CRM software?

Real estate CRM programme is a scheme that meets the different needs of real estate agents and real estate companies. The real estate CRM system takes care of the end-to - end process management for real estate companies, from handling incoming queries, to planning price quotes, to selling a house. With dynamic desktop and mobile capabilities, you'll have more time to focus and expand your company on any deal on offer

2. How is CRM important for relatives?


The way you engage your current customers plays a vital role in how you attract potential customers when it comes to real estate companies. Real estate is all about building trust, and it's no wonder that 82% of new property transactions are referrals from current contacts, former buyers, families, acquaintances, or relatives. Basically, by helping them handle their incoming leads, monitor interactions, and stay on top of important tasks, implementing a CRM programme will work wonders for realtors.

3.Online channels


Using the platform, landing pages and third-party platform portals to access all the online lead sources and auto-assign them to the sales team based on projects, location, budget and other such rules Integrate Call, Chat, Email, Mobile app Your call centre or desk will view leads on one device from different contact points and view previous contacts with the prospective client. Campaign management From your different marketing strategies, whether online ads or offline TV, print , radio, catch leads. View, allocate and follow up leads based on location, availability of sales agent. Send mailers and automate your follow-ups via the dashboard. Send automatic SMS messages and build templates of your own.

4. Benefits

Retain your customers and cross sale your services

For those who expect their real estate business to grow and evolve rapidly and who want to evaluate trends in improvement and strengthen relationships with their customers, CRM solutions have been developed. You will get the most dramatic benefits ever with your CRM setup. You would have the opportunity to:

  • Market your holdings correctly to get the most out of your advertising budget
  • Track financials and always be mindful of any form of payment made within the system.
  • Manage external business relationships with legal counsel, accountants, and advisors.
  • Systemize the management of projects through project assignments, planned events, reminders and workflows.
  • Receive everyday backups
  • Have virtual office access from any Internet-connected PC.



Have several leads added. See the status of each follow-up lead and prioritise leads faster to close further deals. As per your wish, categorise and assign leads.


Make follow-up calls with leads, emails, & sms.Schedule follow-up calls for leads, emails, sms, and site visits. Set reminders for follow-ups, calls and site visits.


Add reservations for flats / shops Via the bookings made, know your prospective company.


Handle loan processing for multiple buyers of land.Know the financial gains from credit procedures.


Know all of the completed registrations.Track payments & give customers reminders


For your real estate company and sales staff, set, monitor and closely observe sales goals.Track your rise in sales.Know & administer the organisation and sales teams' sales results.


Generate receipts from your customers for the payments received.


Build several quotations and submit them.Know the status of quotes, add closing dates, save versions and descriptions of payment collection.Users are able to exchange quotes in the CRM with other users


You may add customers' contact info.Seamlessly delegate, categorise, and connect with your customers through calls , emails, and sms


Attach & control the related aspects of projects for sales.Feed-in their requirements, capability of the flat & store, etc.For applicable programmes, appoint sales people & agents.


Feed-in multiple flats & their information.Allocate sales individuals & agents for the respective buildings' flats.Know the flat bookings & status of progress.


Multiple agents & their respective details are introduced & handled.Specify their commissions & payments & control them.Spot your agents with the best & worst results


Add multiple builders' info.Know each builder's roles & responsibilities.


Commissions / incentives of bifurcate agent & sales employees respectively.Know the pay dates & fees / benefits to be paid reasonably


Keep up to date on the fees owed to agents.Generate the same invoices.


Create invoices for the related payments.


store, modify, and delete client contact information. Save important dates with respect to purchased goods and services. Set payment reminders, etc


Know all of the completed registrations.Track payments & give customers reminders


Add and maintain the details of your business and branch, save and understand simple contact details. According to divisions, add, change and delete contact information & employee designation

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