Why modern web apps are best built using Rails in 2019

When it comes to programming languages, Ruby is quite a great language. Of all the advantages that we can talk about Ruby on Rails (RoR), it is its faster code development and fewer development hours which are very significant. In this age of technology, where superior websites and powerful online applications are the trends, you cannot just compromise with the performance and the quality. This is the prime reason why Rails is preferred for making modern web apps.
From big corporates to startups, to boost their productivity, everyone is leveraging Ruby on Rails framework. Today, more and more modern web apps are being developed using the framework and this shows its ever-rising popularity.

1.A dynamic framework

Ruby on Rails is quite dynamic in nature as it helps in fixing bugs faster and quickly accelerates the entire development process. The code can be interpreted quickly and does not need compilation.

2.Better freedom and usability

Rails gives the programmer better usability and liberty to build database-backed modern web applications, providing more power. The flexible feature of Ruby makes it more suitable for meta programming and also aesthetically pleasing codes can be created.

3.Convention over Configuration

When it comes to design principles of Rails, there are many, with the most important being “Convention over Configuration” where it means if one follows the conventions, one can be productive. To put it in simple words, it would mean that one can reduce the requirement of heavy configuration, then the rules can be used to ease up working with the application.

4.Saves Time & Money

It is a cost-saving technology, and in addition to that, it helps in moving from the planning stage to actual development very swiftly. As compared to other technologies, it’s also easy to handle.

5.Agile Development Process

The main advantage you have with Ruby On Rails is that you can complete the development process very quickly. It also helps you save around 30-40% of the expected development process time. The lean code base, modular design and plugin that are ready to use contributes to the overall time-saving.


Ruby on Rails is capable of competing with the other technologies around, and many of the robust applications have been built on Ruby on Rails such as, SoundCloud, Airbnb, Zendesk,Shopify, Highrise etc., as it empowers them for growth.

Ruby on Rails developers around the world are using the framework to create versatile web applications in different industries and areas, for introducing their products and services. To conclude, Ruby on Rails has proved its usability and efficiency which has resulted in its growing popularity among web app developers.

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