Top 3 reasons why web app development is faster with Ruby on Rails

Regarded as the epitome of the latest generation of high-level technology, Ruby on Rails is an open source web development framework, which ensures faster time frames for development. Since its public release in 2006, RoR has been a favoured development tool for many well-known brands (GitHub, Shopify, Hulu, and Groupon to name a few). Igniting interest among many start-ups and existing businesses, it is the ever-growing demand that has driven RoR development companies like CodeCrux who have availed the benefits of the agility and speed of building applications in Rails.

Here are 3 reasons why web app development is faster with Ruby on Rails

1. Agile methodology

One of the prime reasons why Ruby on Rails is faster is that the very framework of it is built on Agile development methodology. As agile methods turn the significant tasks into smaller subtasks, also called increments with minimal planning and do not involve long-term plan, iterations have shorter time and take one to six weeks. Emulating the best practices of RoR allows web app development to be done with high quality and speed. Web apps that traditionally would take 13 weeks to build can be launched within six weeks with Ruby on Rails and also saves you half the cost.

2. Mature plugin architecture

The Gems in Rails allows a developer to override or extend any part of the Rails framework and the modifications can be shared with others in a reusable manner. There are a wealth of Gems in Rails community that you can add to your Gemfile and install. In turn, this accelerates the overall development and maintenance time.

3.Fewer code writing

Ruby on Rails has all of its code libraries pre-loaded for creating a rails structure. So all one has to do is run a command, which will automatically execute a skeleton of the application, making the overall process of web app development easier and faster.

Easier configuration

Convention over Configuration is the key principle of Ruby on Rails which proves to be an advantage over others. As Rails has a set of conventions, it helps in making the development faster.

Principle of DRY(Don’t Repeat Yourself)

RoR works on the development principle of DRY, which clearly states avoiding duplicity, making the code efficient and less prone to errors. This very principle of DRY has been a guiding principle for the success of development of Rails.

Modular Design

As the Ruby code is very readable and most of the times requires self - documenting, increases productivity. It makes the life easier for the other developers to carry on with the existing projects as there is very little need to write separate documentation.


Mentioned above are the three main reasons that defines why a slick web app can be built on Rails in far less time as compared to another framework. There are many other reasons which explains why Ruby on Rails should be the de facto choice for any bespoke web application but to list them is beyond the scope of this blog post. But all you can do is get in touch with CodeCrux, an enthusiastic team of developers in Ruby on Rails who utilise the advantages of RoR to provide you with all the benefits.

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