Get a custom CRM, Automate your consultancy business


CodeCrux team have 5 + years of experience developing custom CRM softwares for consultancy business, We built software to manage and deliver new opportunities faster.


Delivered 10+ projects in same domain to automate consultancy business. We have digitally transformed business to grow online.

Use cases


Better client relations for advertising and media agencies.


Manage clients and deals from one central place.

Real Estate

Real estate professionals manage more listings with CRM.

1. Get a CRM portal, No more physical forms

Customer portal helps to manage your leads data and collects lead information as per process. Most cases your team spending lots of time to collect accurate information.
1. Personal Details
2. Educational Details
3. User's Experience etc.

2. Show transparent delivery process & timeline


Your Leads are happy to get clear understanding about what is the progress in services offered? It give them clear visibility when to start prepare for other things like managing funds etc. This timeline auto prompt leads to fill data and and show percentage progress for data completion.

3. Online appointment scheduling and video conferencing


Customer portal comes with appointment scheduling feature where both customer and consultant can interact and participate in video conferencing.
How it works?
1) New Lead comes to system
2) It gets auto assign to the free consultants
3) Consultant goes on call and understand needs of customer
4) Consultant can suggest them to buy the service offered

4. Retain your customers and cross sale your services

Retain your customers and cross sale your services

You are managing customer data collected form customer portal, you can better engage you customers for their next services, you can send automatic alerts and notification, there will be document management for customers for next services, it will be very easy to buy services with the verified profiles.

5. Collect payments online & delivery services faster

Collect payments online & delivery fast

World is moving to digital transformation people are more comfortable to take services online, with customer portal all data is there with you will able to make decision faster, you can give perfect suggestions and deliver better services without physical interaction.
Your system can prompt candidate to make payment for the services and you can deliver it fast.

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