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Our portfolio is showcase of custom web and mobile applications.


A pet care and accomadation booking system
> They offer customized care for dogs with special needs and senior dogs.
> They high ratio of staff to dogs makes sure no dog goes un-attended & all-day supervised play during daycare


Universities are always looking to recruit new musicians to fill vacated seats in marching bands, ensembles, orchestras and performance groups, just like coaches need to recruit new athletes to replace those who graduate.


Online plateform for designer to upload new creative designes and earn form the designs, users can buy the stuffs with their favourite design.


Minibar Delivery offers the easiest way to lift your spirits. With a few taps, get wine, beer, and liquor delivered to your door.


Codeletics has been built by a group of friends who are passionate about teaching the current generation of school children to think logically and to be able to apply that logic to solving problems, now and in their futures.


One-stop-shop for that ‘fun loving’ part of you that comes alive on weekends. You can choose and book instantly from a curated list of tours, activities, workshops and skill building sessions available from a trustworthy network of experts.

For Ashwin and Karishma, 1701 will always be a passion project guided by the philosophy of progress through failure. They’ve pondered hard and enjoyed healthy spats about what luxury means to them. While they always knew it had little to do with high prices, today, after much trial and error, they’re working harder at refining this and embracing a few gray hairs in the process.


Room for Tea is a sociable housing idea. We are a new kind of home-sharing network which connects guests in need of short-term, affordable housing, with hosts who have a spare room in their homes.


Manjari Foundation, a registered non-profit organization established in May 2015, is committed to help women from marginalized communities overcome social injustice, poverty and exclusion.


A path breaking and innovative platform where the explorer meets adventure , giving adrenaline junkies and nature addicts alike, a chance to come together and enjoy a journey full of exhilarating experiences.

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Our services include

  • Web & Mobile App Design and Development
  • E-commerce Application Development
  • Healthcare Application development
  • Real Estate Application development
  • REST API Development
  • IT Infrastructure management & devOps , Backend server side programming and Cloud Services(like Amazon, Heroku, IBM, Google, Microsoft Azure etc.) setup

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