DevOps as a Service

DevOps as a Service - Providing real business benefit

We provide DevOps as a service to businesses who want to deploy applications in the cloud. We work very closely with your in-house architects and developers to guide your team to leverage the benefits of the cloud and also ensure your environment runs effectively and efficiently.

It's the unique combination of experience we have with AWS and cloud development, that provides and ensures you a safer and better performing system,with a more reliable and better performance with lesser downtime and also faster deployment of changes.

We believe in providing the real business benefit, which in turn helps our clients to focus on running their business efficiently without worrying about failing systems.

What sets us apart is the real collaboration that we have with our clients, working hand in hand with you, going beyond products and implementation.

Harness measurable results through our services


We become an extension of your team of architects and developers. Be it designing, planning, implementation or configuration of your system for the cloud, we advise and help you with reviews, recommendations and enhancements.

Security Management

We are committed to extending beyond just developing applications. We ensure the application availability through firewall protection, safe configurations, encryption, security patches and more. We believe in building from the ground up adopting security best practices.

Process Automation

We begin with automating deployment process and also coding your infrastructure. As we move on, over the time, we evolve the processes, and also take advantage of new features and adapt it accordingly.

Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery

We believe in ensuring that everything that our developers build can be tested and deployed only to production when you are ready. We are also keen advocates of continuous delivery and manage the process for you to fasten release by automating testing and eliminate errors.

Migrating to Cloud

We don’t believe in lifting and shifting just your environment. We work closely with you to design the architecture and also code your infrastructure. This helps you start with a baseline and continuously improve over time.

Our DevOps Engagement Process

Get to know how DevOps is best for you, understand your goals, find your standing and develop your strategy accordingly.

1.Assessment : Ideation and brainstorming
In-person meetings to understand your DevOps goal

2. Finding the gaps: Identifying the gaps and prioritising based on your current DevOps

3. Designing and Planning: Designing the delivery and DevOps processes, Selecting the right container, microservices and cloud strategy

4. Execution: Executing the right strategy and develop the right tool and necessary integration

5. Testing: Supervising automation process and providing training to improve the process

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Our services include

  • Web & Mobile App Design and Development
  • E-commerce Application Development
  • Healthcare Application development
  • Real Estate Application development
  • REST API Development
  • IT Infrastructure management & devOps , Backend server side programming and Cloud Services(like Amazon, Heroku, IBM, Google, Microsoft Azure etc.) setup

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