How to learn Ruby on Rails?

Don’t Learn Rails before Ruby

When I first decided to learn Ruby on Rails. I read a few articles by different bloggers that were saying that you don’t need Ruby to learn Rails. I now totally disagree with them!
If you take the time to fully understand Ruby before you learn Rails; then learning Rails will become a piece of cake.
Whether you build controller, action or else, it will all come down to Ruby.

Learn Ruby
There is list of online books you can read. 
1. Learn to program

2. Object-oriented programming in Ruby

3. Learning Ruby the Hard Way

4. Ruby Programming

 Learn Rails 1. The Ruby on Rails Guide 2. Ruby on Rails Tutorial 3. Rails for Zombies 4. Ruby on Rails Tutorial 


1. No Copy/Pasting Code

2. Master in “Googling”

3. Reading Documentation and Source Codes

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