How Startups Can Leverage Open-Source Technology To Get Faster Results

The study conducted by “Future of Open source” revealed that 90 percent of organizations feel that open source improves efficiency and innovation. The study also mentioned the role of open source in the world of startups and how rapidly it is being adopted.

If we look closely at the relationship between startups and open source, it is more intertwined than ever before. Startups have been using open source platforms for bringing their ideas into reality, and in turn, they have been giving back to open source by hiring and training developers who have a history of open source contributions.

Open source no more remains a revolution as it was and has become a way of life, especially for the startups. As most of the startups run on limited funds, they prefer the fastest and easiest productive solution, and here is where the open source technology comes to the rescue, as it provides the solution in the most cost economical way, getting them faster results.

Here are 4 main advantages of the open source technology that will help startups to get faster and better results.


Like any startup, yours will soon compete for speed, and open source enables speed. One of the main advantages of open source is that it takes the community versions and perceives whether they can solve the business problem or not and starts delivering value right away. With the roots of the community, bugs can be easily detected and get fixed quickly by members of the community.


As compared to the proprietary software, where it requires you to upgrade both software and hardware, open source is much less resource intensive. Open source software can be run even on older hardware, and it’s entirely up to you when to take it for the up-gradation.

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Improved customizability

One of the most attractive advantages of open source is its innate ability to customize your software application. With the open source program, that is entirely customizable, you will have the advantage of personalizing your service better. With this, it also opens up your market and puts you at the same level as that of the bigger giants like Microsoft. The customization is not limited to the initial development but can be continuously done over the time, as the new forms of communication channels emerge and as per your organizational needs. At any time, an open code base allows you to re-outfit the software’s tools and features. You will also be able to create your timelines for innovation.


As compared to a proprietary solution, open source is much more cost-effective. Open source is not only inexpensive for the enterprise but also gives them the ability to start small and reach higher goals. Though there is a tendency of open source solutions to be thought as more than free software, the total cost of deploying a solution with no licensing fee proves to be an advantage.


Apart from the advantages mentioned above that the open source provides for the startups, the prime advantage it provides is that of long-term viability to outlast the proprietary sources. And with the continuous innovations that are introduced by the supportive communities, open source remains at the forefront, providing not only faster results but meets up the needs of the startups as they evolve.

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