Mobile Apps development

Mobile Apps development

We have been building products in Ruby on Rails for 7+ years. Rails is a flexible framework that allows rapid prototyping and has a large community of developers commited to contributing to the Ruby on Rails open source community.

Our team loves Ruby on Rails development because of the speed of development and ecosystem of products around it including Heroku for hosting, New Relic for monitoring and many more.


We think big. We'll help you find and refine the big ideas to deliver short and long term value to your organiztion.


We design engaging mobile experiences. Visual journeys that delight users with every page view, touch and swipe.


Our mobile app development team consists of only the smartest - like Einsten, Newton.

Key offerings

Android app development

iOS app development

React Native Apps

Our Process


Our design and development teams will work with you to thoroughly understand your business objectives. Once they understand your vision for the app, they will merge their deep knowledge of all things android and your vision to develop an initial concept for the app.

Features & Architecture

Next the team will determine the features that need to be added and build an app architecture that efficiently integrates all the features. In short, our awesome developers will figure out the kinks to create a smooth framework.


Our designers believe “Design is King”. Our design and development teams will create a stunning, captivating design for your app without compromising the integrity and performance of the architecture.


The Android app development is done in bits (thus, CodeCrux!) according to the features added in the app. Our Agile-based work environment will give you the control to review our development process and demand any changes you may want.

QA & Deployment

Our Quality Assurance team will test each bit after development and then, again when all the features and functionalities have been integrated into the app as a Beta Version. Once assured, we can deploy/launch the app in the App Store or arm you with everything you will need to do it yourself.


Since the date of the launch, we will cover all your support and maintenance needs for a period of 3 months, free of cost. After that you will have the option to buy one of our maintenance packages which cover everything from bug fixes to updates to completely newer versions.

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Our services include

  • Web & Mobile App Design and Development
  • E-commerce Application Development
  • Healthcare Application development
  • Real Estate Application development
  • REST API Development
  • IT Infrastructure management & devOps , Backend server side programming and Cloud Services(like Amazon, Heroku, IBM, Google, Microsoft Azure etc.) setup

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