FREE Website for NGO's

FREE Website for NGO's

We know you are making a difference to change the world, you work hard to make life easier for the needful. We are providing high-class free websites for NGOs, non-profits and government.

What we are offering ?
  1. End to end website design with mobile compatible (as many pages you like)
  2. Server space to host the website.
  3. Free Sub Domain name
  4. if you have your domain we will point it.

What we need from you?

We need following Details to develop NGO website.

  1. NGO Contact Number & Person Details
  2. Your Contact
  3. Your Email Address
  4. NGO Name
  5. NGO Reg No.
  6. About the NGO
  7. NGO Pages & Page Content
  8. Please describe what help you need from us
Send above details to us at email, We will get back you as soon as possible..


Manjari Foundation, a registered non-profit organization established in May 2015, is committed to help women from marginalized communities overcome social injustice, poverty and exclusion.

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